I started Love Penelope as a way to chronicle the journey of being a mother. I left a stable job to start my own business and be a stay at home parent. Since I've begun, I've closed my business and started school again. I stay at home full time with my almost two year old Penelope and am expecting another girl in a couple of months! 

I'm crunchy...like super crunchy. I own a pair of Birkenstocks but also a couple pairs of Jordans. That in itself really epitomizes my personality. I'm majoring in Business Administration and I plan to start a business from home and still be able to raise our kids. A lot of this blog is about the parenting along the way.

You'll also find in here fashion, my first love, and other things I love like cooking and health. I really hope that you'll find in my blog things that you can leave with to think about. I would love to start a seed of thought and inspire as I have been inspired by so many women on the net. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. LOVE THIS GIRLY! So crazy how things & perspectives change when we get older! I remember we both were totally driven in our makeup & fashion game! But now I want to be more about us & our everyday lives. I mean, that's what makes us US. Your fam is so cute & I love that you are blogging! HEART YOU GIRLY!
    - Tina D.