Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to announce that my blog has moved to my fancy new website My journey as a photographer has been a huge blessing and grown to a level where I felt that joining that with this blog was necessary. 

On my new blog you will find within the next few weeks the look will change a lot. This is because behind the scenes I'm working like a madwoman with my host to work out all the kinks. While this is being done, I didn't want to stop blogging so prepare to see fun new graphics and menus for awhile! You will still see me talking about my girls and #momlife in general. You will also see my client sessions and wedding photography. 

I'm so excited for this new journey and I can't wait to see where it takes me. Thank you so much to all that have followed me this far and I can't wait to show you what's coming up!



Tuesday, July 5, 2016

So you know how there's some people out there who seem like they are able to do everything? Be a great mom, successful in their career, great personal life, always put together and basically winning in life. Personally I try to follow as many of these people on Instagram and Snapchat to stay motivated and also gather all the knowledge of how to make all this stuff happen simultaneously. So how is it done?

The best answer in short is: they all have a certain mentality and a plan.

Alright so let's back up a little bit and get into the bigger picture of things. Think about this: if you just found out that your going to die tomorrow, how happy are you with the way you've been living your life? Like would you have any regrets or would you be 100% happy with the way you lived. This is living with the end in mind. My guess is a vast majority of people would definitely have regrets: not enough time spent with people they love, not enough time doing things they love, not accomplishing goals they thought were beyond their reach. Three big ones I'd imagine. So first key to being productive is starting each day with the big picture in mind. 

My big picture is: My family is my priority, make people I love feel loved, take care of myself, have a successful lifestyle brand, learn learn learn, travel and strive to inspire.

When you have a big picture behind why it's important to do what your doing everyday it's easier to do things you don't feel like doing. For example: I don't feel like going to the gym pretty much everyday. But I remind myself that one of the things I want is to always take care of myself. Or when we are saving money every month for a year, I remind myself that even though it could be spent now, it will allow us to travel later. 

So that is a biggie on your mentality. You do all the crappy things for the end goal. Sometimes you get lucky and like tasks you must do. Mostly though they are crappy but bring you one step closer to your end goal.

The next part is planning. Honestly, planning is everything. A goal without a plan is just a wish. A day without a plan is a waste of your day. Now don't misunderstand me. Every day doesn't need to be bullet points and lists. But you can plan to have a day where you don't plan at all. I however am going to talk about the days you do have a itemized plan. And how to break that down.

Every Sunday, I get my planner and I write down everything I am. Mom, self, wife, photographer, blogger, friend/family member. All of which are centered around my life's mission statement you could call it. Next to each title I write things I want to accomplish that week. 
Here are some from this week:

Photographer - Purchase domain, finalize website design, email clients, collect remaining invoices, design and order new business cards, run promo.

Mom - Plan Friday fun day, story time, call gymnastics class, get birth certificate, pick waterpark day

Self - Gym 4x, nails done, take 30 minutes each day, return clothes, check on fall classes

There's an example of three from my week. Now it looks like a lot, but my favorite part is planning my week around the things. So next, from Monday to Sunday I will then start dispersing everything throughout my week equally. Even though it looks like a lot, once it's distributed throughout your week, honestly you have tops...4 things to do a day. That's totally doable.

So Monday might look like: Finalize website design, emails clients, call gymnastics, nails
Tuesday might look like: Purchase domain, plan fun day and waterpark day, get birth certificate
Wednesday: Gym, story time, return clothes, design and order business cards

Generally I like to have three must haves per day. Because we can all totally do three must have things per day. Basically if you do NOTHING else, do the three must haves. It's easy, it's super efficient and it ensures you do everything that important to you while leaving you plenty of free time. 

Now to actually make sure you do those things and don't get sidetracked (hello social media and internet) is set a time block. Literally say "for 30 minutes I will only work on this". Then for 30 minutes, set a timer and ONLY work on that. Kick the task in the ass. This works especially great for things you keep putting off that you really don't want to do. 

The result of all of this is intentionally designed days. Getting you closer to a life you want for yourself and get rid of chaos. I've been doing this for a long time now and I luh-luh-love it. For more inspo and great reads check out the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" or Youtube Gary Vee. 

I've linked below my favorite productivity tools.

Productivity Tools


Friday, June 3, 2016

Man oh man that baby of ours is giving me a run for my money! She is crazy with a capital C ya'll. So we've had plenty of days just inside all day just because I need her to catch up on sleep. Luckily the hubby gets home and takes Penelope to the pool or something so she's not cooped up all day. We've made sure though not to do it too much and I have been bringing my camera everywhere. Here's life lately, Philomena is 5 months and Penelope 2 years and 8 months. *sigh*


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What are you scared of? I don't mean spiders or dark alleys. I mean what do you fear or what are the stories you tell yourself?

If you don't know where you should be heading next in life, I think the best advice I could give you is to do exactly what your scared of doing.

I've been taking pictures for about six years. Fashion pictures, landscape pictures, posed pictures, candid pictures, nighttime pictures, early morning pictures. I've read 100's of posts on photography and taken photography courses. I LOVE capturing beautiful images and freezing joy. Just like that...that joyful moment will be there forever, for me to look at time and time again. 

Over the years I would think what should I do? Outside of being a mother and homemaker my soul still yearned for something else. Something that is mine, that makes other people feel joy and that I can call a career. So in that time frame I started: a baby store, designed a planner, another clothing store and designed art prints. All were fine. But the entire time I always had this nagging voice: "Why don't you become a photographer?". Then other people I knew would see my pictures and ask me the same. And an ever louder voice would say "No, that scares the shit out of you and your pictures aren't that great anyway. Who do you think you are to make money taking pictures of people"

So I ignored it.

Then as I started other ventures I felt unfulfilled. Bored. Unbothered. But guess what I was still doing? Taking pictures. Learning more about photography.

Recently I decided that maybe what scares me most is exactly what I should be doing. Maybe I'll just throw a bone out and then no one will want pictures taken and then I can say "Ok God, well I there!" Except, people were so gracious. And interested. They showed up, dressed up and took me seriously. 

I've gotten the privilege to shoot their families. Freeze joy. Capture beautiful relationships. 

I would race home beaming from ear to ear (literally) after a photoshoot. My heart pounds and I feel exhilaration and I think, this is crazy. But crazy good.

I barely kiss my family when I get home since I rush to the computer and get started editing. The privilege of getting to freeze these moments in time for people is a feeling that's unmatched. 

Every shoot I do I'm scared. I show up an hour before just to perfect my camera settings and scout locations. But then the family get's there and the magic happens. To know that I've created something beautiful for them makes me so happy. To also know that I've conquered a huge fear of mine is truly an amazing feeling.

Personal growth in this short time has happened for me. Because for some reason when you do what your scared to do, everything else that used to scare you scares you a little bit less.

Will this be a career? I sure hope so. Maybe it will be a really slow process and I'm ok with that. Or maybe it will lead to something else I've never even dreamed. The most important step was starting. Pushing past my many insecurities and just...starting.

Tell me, when you are on the outside looking in for somebody that you care about. How often do they not do what you know they should because they are scared? Scared to leave a relationship, scared to start a business, scared to leave their comfort zone. 

When something scares my two year old I encourage her to face it. I want her not to be fearless, but to not marginalize her possibilities due to the inability to act in the face of fear.

The story we tell ourselves is usually very unkind and succeeds in making us believe that we are not capable of the very things that will make us great. Make a list of the possibilities of a life you want to live if fear didn't exist. Start crossing off the list today. 

Nothing great ever came from comfort zones.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Philomena is four months old now! Ahhhhh time is flying like a mother over here! She is JUST starting to chill out a little more, or maybe it's that I'm just starting to understand her a little more. Either way, things are getting a hell of a lot easier and I honestly am so relieved. Philomena definitely isn't an "easy" baby and only now do I feel like we are starting to understand each other. So for any new moms out there who are a few months in and still confused, please know that I was there for a long four months.

Just a list of things we've been trying to help her with: severe gassiness, problems eating, teething, constipation, super dry painful eyelids and not sleeping like...ever. I mean, honestly, life with two isn't difficult for me. Philomena is difficult for me. 

Before the baby, we prepared Penelope by getting her a step stool so she could help herself to things I just wouldn't be able to help with. I've established a really consistent routine as far as brushing teeth, cleaning up, dinner, bedtime. The routine aspect has helped tons because there is no fighting it, she knows what comes next and 9 times out of 10 its a breeze. I got Philomena's crib super early since they are sharing a room and had it in their room for a few months. I wanted Penelope to understand that she'd be sharing with someone else soon. She went to all my doctor's appointments and we would get excited together about hearing her sister's heartbeats. Preparation really, really helped.

Most importantly I prepared Penelope to understand that I'm not available 24/7. I felt like that would be the biggest issue and so everyday I would consciously be unavailable. If she wanted to talk and I was busy, I taught her that she needs to wait until I'm finished. Or how to play alone without needing me to play with her. Basically, she needed to be ok with being on her own sometimes since I felt that's what would need to happen with a new baby.

Honestly, because of preparation I feel like the transition for Penelope was amazing. She's such a sweet girl and so thoughtful, so I think the preparation was the icing on the cake. And boy was I thankful because Philomena is a handful. Five handfuls. In the beginning it would take hours to give her a nap. Then she'd wake up five minutes later. 

The transition from one to two wasn't difficult. I think going from no kids to one was more difficult for me. The most difficult aspect of two kids is the 24/7 guilt. I never feel like I've given each of them enough of myself for the day. I don't know that I ever will. I want to give endless love and affection in ways that will make them feel singularly special. But no matter how much I do, I'm left feeling like I could have done more. So the mom guilt is the hardest.

Philomena is super difficult, but even so, can I tell you how happy two girls makes me? I have two warm cuddly little babies that think I am the best thing in life. I get to watch the relationship between sisters unfold right before my eyes. I get to snuggle with my two babies one on each hip. It's the most amazing feeling there is in life. I thought my happiness meter was full with one kiddo and it was, but just like that it expanded to include another. And now I don't know how we even lived without her here. Like...that's weird.

Below I've put together some things that have really helped me with two. But even for a new mom, these are great for you too!

Mom of Two

1. Baby Carrier - MUST HAVE. I personally like a wrap because it travels well and I love the natural feeling of it with Philomena.
2. Kid's Table - Penelope has started eating here a lot. It helps me out when I'm busy so she can easily eat, put away her plate and clean up. It's also great as an option to have her near while I'm feeding Philomena and she likes to color or read.
3. Swaddle Blankets - These light blankets I use for everything. Seating, rags, shade, an actual blanket etc. I have a few laying all over the house.
4. Step Stool - It was important to find one Penelope could easily carry around and this one is super light. It's pretty high so she can reach things on our counters if need be. She uses it for everything: toilet, food, brushing teeth, washing hands. When I'm busy with Philomena the stool is a life saver.
5. Ikea Shelves and Baskets - Laying this lengthwise makes things Penelope uses a lot accessible. We store diapers there and also clothes and pajamas. In the mornings, I ask her to pick an outfit for herself and her sister. At nighttime she gets her own pajamas and diapers. It's all about easy access for the toddler!
6. Bouncer - You need this with more then one kid because you don't want your newborn to accidentally get trampled on. Something simple, but keeps your baby off the ground.
7. Double Stroller - Sometimes I want to walk around in peace. I love this stroller and strapping two kids in with seatbelts gives me peace of mind to not have to chase them anywhere. 


Friday, April 1, 2016

We all do it. Our kid does something small and the heat rises in our body and we temporarily go insane. Lose it and yell. Some people lose it and spank. Every. Single. Mom. has been there right? If they say they haven't they are lying. It's totally fine to lose it, I mean we are human. We are raising insane little people who's main goal in life is to drive us nuts (Only semi-kidding). I actually decided to write this post for multiple reason.

reason 1. I think after hearing the 6th person say I was an abnormally patient mother I decided maybe I could help someone else.

reason 2. I totally lost it yesterday and almost yelled, but used a tried and true method to get me back to a joyful place. (See tip #10.) Why not share what works?

And so before I enter into my tips that have helped me through and through with my children, I would like to make my usual disclaimer. I am not a child psychologist and half the time I have no idea what I'm doing. But I'd like to think I've racked up some experience by being a stay at home mother of a toddler and now an infant as well. This is what works for me.

TIP #1. YOUR CHILDREN ARE PEOPLE TOO: I think this is huge. As parents, we tend to forget that. Tantrums are so annoying right? Yeah I hear you. But what a tantrum actually means is your child is trying to tell you something. Have they slept? Have you ignored them all day? Are they hungry? These little people just haven't developed the skills to tell you without hyperventilating and screaming. So in those moments remember, they are people too and they many times just want to be heard. If you are tired, overstimulated and starving you have tantrums's called yelling :) 

TIP #2. GET SOME SLEEP: When you don't sleep, you are a ticking time bomb. Now mix that in with being starving, no alone time, a toddler who ignores you and a filthy house. You're going to lose your shit for sure. Just a matter of when. So when you can...nap. Go to bed at 8pm and be an old Grandma. Whatever it takes...get adequate sleep unless your like Jeezy and just don't want to sleep until you die.

TIP #3. GET OUTSIDE: I take the kids outside just about everyday. Everyone thinks I'm a great mom and that's why. Well thank you and that's half of the reason. The other half is getting good ole' vitamin D keeps you sane. (See proof HERE) Going outside makes you at least throw your hair up and put some semi clean clothes on. It's a whole new world for your kids every time and they can touch virtually anything. It makes the day go by quicker. No cleaning. Seriously...get outside.

TIP #4. GET OFF ALL ELECTRONICS: Something weird happens to your brain on electronics. All the sudden you are SO busy and any interruption is heavily annoying to borderline enraging. What can you do instead of scroll through Instagram all day? Go outside! Make a new meal you've been wanting. Read. Paint your nails. Talk to people with actual eye contact. Play with your kids. Start a business. Play cards. I mean...anything really. 

TIP #5. IGNORE YOUR KIDS: I am not 24/7 entertainment for my children. That's what their imagination is for. When I tell Penelope I am relaxing, she knows this means to go play. Sometimes I tell her she needs to go play outside for awhile. I think there is this common idea that we as parents exist to provide entertainment for our kids at all times. Not true. Being independent is good for them and good for you.

TIP  #6. SPEND QUALITY TIME: I am not my children's 24/7 entertainment, however I am their mother who loves to explore their little personalities. What quality time means to me is they have my attention 100%. I will not answer my phone, I will not check my text message and I am totally engrossed in them. I like to spend about 30 minutes a couple times a day. This makes my toddler so happy and when I'm all done her emotional tank is all filled up. That means that she's not whining or doing crazy things to make me lose my shit. 

TIP #7. GET UP EARLY: I always say this but it's true. Get up earlier than them. 15 minutes if that's all you can do, makes a huge difference. I have an infant and I know how exhausted we all are. But do it and your whole day will go better.

TIP #8. HAVE REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS: If my infant hasn't slept all day and is miserable, I'm not going to decide to take her grocery shopping for an hour and a half. Your playing yourself my friend. If I give my toddler water to play with outside, I'm not going to expect her not to get it all over herself. That's what being 2 is all about...exploring and cause and effect. I expect a mess, tantrums, testing, interruptions, whining. Being prepared is 75% of the battle than knowing how to respond is the last 25%.

TIP #9. SET BOUNDARIES: I have very few boundaries with my toddler because I don't want her to live in a glass house. Tiptoeing around on eggshells. Also, tons of boundaries again is just an unreasonable expectation. But the boundaries I do have I am firm, zero tolerance and consistent. I set boundaries on things that I know trigger me and also safety issues. Ignoring me is unacceptable. Not cleaning up after yourself is unacceptable. Being disrespectful in how you speak or act towards me is unacceptable. Not holding my hand in a parking lot or to cross the street is unacceptable. Remain consistent on your boundaries and they will stop being battles. Then those things that trigger you will happen very infrequently.

TIP #10. WHATS THE HURRY?: I forget the quote but basically we're all in a hurry to get nowhere faster. Young kids are a blessing because they teach us to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate your surroundings. When your walking to the park and rushing them to get there...why? If they are trying to do something themselves and it takes triple the what? If you don't have an appointment to make or something of that manner, next time you find yourself being impatient just ask yourself...what's the hurry?

TIP #11. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: Alright, you've tried everything else. Today is just a shitty day. You're on the brink of losing it. Go get some space, a cup of some strong coffee and start counting everything your thankful for. Your health, your beautiful kid(s), the fact that you have running water and food in your refrigerator, the vacation you can afford to go on, the fact that you looked in the mirror and didn't cringe. Your nails look good. I mean, just keep counting...until that anger subsides then resume life as the keeper of psycho little people. :)

I hope this helps...lmk if you tried it and if these things work for you!


Monday, March 21, 2016

Hi guys! A long time ago back when we didn't have kids Ornan and I were full on vegan. Because of that I've found some really cool healthy recipes that wouldn't normally come to mind. It was a really fun time to explore vegetables and grains and figure ways to cook them differently. Beans were a huge staple then and the various ways you can cook/make beans would boggle your mind.

This recipe is a super simple bean recipe and total cook time is like... I don't know...10 minutes depending on how fast you can handle a can opener. I love that this uses honey rather then a whole cup of sugar to get the sweetness. Most of the recipes call for sugar and I'm not into it. I first tried Three Bean Salad at Costco and immediately went home and made it. Mainly cause I'm cheap and didn't want to pay that much when I could just make it. It came out so tasty and now we double the recipe to be able to munch on it for the next couple of days. 

Added bonus, it's super healthy and busy mom friendly. You get the best taste by letting the salad sit and marinate, but it has a clean light taste if you just want to eat it right away. I hope you love it as much as we do!

OUR VERSION (Very minor substitutions)

1 can garbanzo beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can green beans
1/2 diced red onions
1 stalk celery diced
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp ground dry mustard
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp cayanne
Salt to taste

Mix all sauces/spices together in small bowl with olive oil. Mix all other ingredients together in big tupperware with lid. Combine sauce with bean mix and stir. Refrigerate for two hours and then turn tupperware upside down and put back in refrigerator for another two hours. Then eat all the goodness up!


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

trying it out

Hi guys! Sorry it's been awhile since I posted, I've been navigating life with two kiddos and trying to get back into some sort of routine. Now that things are starting to fall into place I can get back to writing once in awhile. I wanted to do more recipe posts because I think one of the things I get asked most frequently is what I'm cooking and how to find time to do it.

One tip for finding time to cook is I usually make the next days lunch the night before. That way when lunch time comes around everything is ready and then both girls go down for their naps. It has made a world of difference for me and I can still ensure they are eating homemade healthy meals.

This recipe for example I made while I was throwing together some dinner that night. Then I just put it in the fridge for the next day. It is super easy and isn't mine, however I did tweak a little bit just because I didn't have some ingredients. Penelope loved it so much she asked for thirds and I love that it's healthy, easy, and time friendly!


1 cup canned peas
3 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
3 cloves minced garlic
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp dried basil
3 tbsp (or so) of olive oil
dash of salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese
75% of a box of whole wheat thin spaghetti

Boil a pot of well salted water for pasta. Meanwhile, blend all sauce ingredients together while streaming in olive oil, set aside. Once water is boiling, break pasta in half and toss it in the pot. Cook until al dente. (DO NOT LET PASTA GET MUSHY!!) Save one cup of pasta water and drain the rest of the pot in strainer. Return pasta back to pot and mix in pea pesto. Use 1/2 cup of the pasta water you reserved to get it mixed together nicely. Take the extra 1 tbsp parmesan cheese and sprinkle over pasta, using the other 1/2 of reserved pasta water to mix it in. Add salt as needed. Serve immediately for best results...but still tastes great the next day!

toddler approved!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Postpartum Must Haves

Everyone's must have list is obviously subjective, and mine is more tailored to making myself feel good. Last pregnancy I got so lost in being a mom that I completely forgot about myself. So this time around I'm buying things that make life easier, and make me feel great.

1. Target Tees - My favorite thus far. Long, soft and cheap...I bought a few colors.

2. Old Navy High Waisted Leggings - Technically workout pants. I actually prefer Lululemon, but since I don't plan to be this size for long, Old Navy is much cheaper. I love them too!

3. Celine Sunglasses - Splurge on a pair of sunglasses. Since you won't sleep, to look pulled together throw on designer sunglasses, a clean t-shirt and nice sneakers.

4. Fake and Bake - My secret to looking much better than I feel.

5. Pumping Bra - LIFECHANGING. Seriously makes pumping much more enjoyable. Ok not enjoyable ever, but I'm able to stand it now and not want to blow my brains out.

6. Target Nursing Bras - Simple and cheap, these are super soft and easy to snap on and off when breastfeeding.

7. Anastasia Brow Wiz - The best brow stuff out there in my opinion. The pencil makes filling them in so quick. Having my brows done and some lipgloss is night and day difference.

8. Robes - When I plan to be home for awhile in the morning I'll walk around in a nice robe. I don't feel like a slob, and I'm breastfeeding so easy access is always a plus!

9. Jordan Eclipse - I'm working on getting a few sneakers I love and I just bought another color in these. Seriously so comfy! Even wearing a simple outfit is so much more pulled together with nice kicks.

10. Paper Plates - I caught on to this late, but now I remind myself to use our paper plates for most meals. We have to wash enough stuff as it is like bottles so these help out so much!

To shop, click the thumbnails!


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Six weeks into life with two kiddos and it is going pretty well. Philomena is gorgeous and looks like a chumpy little baby now. Penelope has gotten used to hearing the crying in the middle of the night and sleeps through it. Neither my husband or I are getting much sleep, but I already expected that and to be honest, I was much more tired the first time around with Penelope.

Recovery: It's been frustrating, I've dealt with a few issues here and there during my recovery. But I'm so much closer to feeling 100% and cannot wait to start working out.

Philomena: I'll be honest, this girl is SUPER gassy. So gassy I've looked up colic on multiple occasions just to make sure she doesn't have it. So it's very difficult because she will only sleep if she's held and she has a hard time even eating. It can get really frustrating at times but I say things are going well because they are. She's healthy, beautiful and regardless of all this gas she doesn't cry she's a trooper. 

Nights: My husband wakes up for her feeds which still are all over the place. The only for sure time is she will always be up around 1am and after that it's a toss up. I wake up to pump. A lot of times we happen to wake up at the same times but since we are so zombie we don't even talk lol.

Weight: I've lost ten pounds since we got home which I'm super happy about. I've been pretty much a couch zombie this whole time, so I had to be really tight about my diet. A typical day is oatmeal for breakfast, protein/veggies/rice for lunch, protein and veggies for dinner and two snacks in between. A  typical snack will be greek yogurt or some fruit.

Wearing: Old Navy high waisted workout pants, Target v-neck tees, Jordans.

Loving: Iced water, the invention of high waisted yoga pants, and I can finally do short walks now.

Hating: My pumping schedule.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jeez I can't believe Philomena is already one month old. How quickly time flies kind of creeps me out. It doesn't matter how much I already know to be conscious of that, I still wonder where it went. This first month has been much easier then I imagined, but is definitely still difficult. With the lack of sleep that all new parents deal with (I understand we aren't the only ones!) it's been hard some times to muster up much needed patience. But luckily, patience is not needed as much as I anticipated since Penelope has been amazing with the transition and I already knew what to expect with a new baby.

Penelope has transitioned so well to all of this new stuff that it's really made me proud. From the day we brought her sister home, all she's wanted to do is play with her and help us out. She will run and bring diapers, or grab us a bottle. She isn't screaming for attention when we are tending to Philomena.  But whats really melted my heart is how quickly she fell in love with her little sister. She asks where she is when she wakes up in the morning, whispers "I love you sister" when she's playing with her, and is already protective of her. Such a kind soul.

Right now she's going through a stage where she is very sensitive and using her naps as a way to show us she's angry. Meaning, she refuses to take one no matter how tired she is. I've learned that you really can't make a kid nap and so just lay her down and hope for the best. Besides that she's really into her baby right now and mimicking everything I'm doing with Philomena. Her vocabulary is still insane, she's learning so many new words so quickly. Every day it's "What's that Mommy?" and when I tell her, she always repeats it after me and actually remembers later. It's really cool to see her soak everything up.

FAVORITE FOODS: Ice-cream, bell pepper
FAVORITE SONG: Anything Taylor Swift
NEW PHRASES: Can I want some? 
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing with baby or dancing with lammy, playing music in our bedroom and dancing on the bed
FAVORITE GAME: Hide and seek, catch, dancing
CHORES: Load the laundry, set the dinner table, throw away her diapers, put laundry away, clean up before nap time and bedtime
FIRST TIMES: Put on her own pants, drawing her first pictures, put on her own sneakers
FAVORITE BOOK: Princess Collection book
SIGNATURE MOVES: Singing "Go Mommy, go Lammy when we're dancing", asking for every single morsel of food that exists in our household

Philomena has been so different then Penelope was when she was a baby. She is definitely into being snuggled 24/7 and doesn't like to be put down. Also she has been really gassy, which makes me feel horrible because I have to watch her in pain. But just within the past week I've already noticed a few things. She is freakishly strong and actually prefers standing on her own to any other position. She loooooves talking...seriously she just blabs and blabs and blabs until she's ready to eat. And she's already in love with Penelope. Like she could be about to have a fit and if Penelope comes near, she stops and is suddenly entranced. It's adorable. The girl loves her bath times and belly rubs...such different kids already and it's so interesting to watch. I can't wait to see more.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I'm telling you, when your a mom a quick routine is a necessity. To me, looking pulled together is a necessity. By no means am I walking around in high heels and full on hair and makeup, but I do think my appearance is important and I like to look presentable. I do this about 4-5 days out of the week, the other days I like to just go makeup free and let my skin breathe. With that being said I've developed a really quick and really effective makeup routine that takes 10 minutes, probably less. Which is about all this new momma of two gets unless I decide to do it when I wake up early.

I think skincare is the most important step. When my skin looks like crap, my makeup looks like crap. I always do these steps before I put on my makeup and it just makes everything glide on and perform so much better. First I exfoliate and wash my face, I used to use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (which I LOVE) but I ran out so I'm trying this Neutrogena for a cheaper fix. The Vitamin C Serum I put on night and day, and I have noticed my face being brighter overall. Next my favorite eye cream and then this sunblock. After my husband saw an esthetician, she let him in on an industry secret. Your sunblock just ain't working for you if it doesn't have zinc oxide. The ingredient works with age spots and this stuff is a little thick but when I ran out I noticed a huge difference in my face. I use this in the place of moisturizer since it's so thick.

While my sunblock is still wet, I'll just do one pump of the Loreal Lumi. I love that little extra glow it gives me and having freshly moisturized skin really makes the stuff glide on like butta. Next, I go in with this awesome Garnier Skin Renew Eye Roller and not only does it feel great, but it works great as lightweight coverage. I'll lightly bronze my entire face and then add as much blush as I can without looking clown like. I finish off with one quick coat of this amazing mascara I've been using for ions, and then this NARS Satin Lip Pencil. I got a sample of this stuff and am in LALALOOVE. My lips are always dry and I have a hard time finding colored lip product that doesn't look strange on my lips. This pencil glides on so smooth, I love this color too since it looks totally natural.

And that's it. Seriously so easy, I don't even use anything to put on the foundation just my fingers for everyday. The skincare products work great for me, but might not necessarily work the same for you since we all have different skin types. I will say though, everything comes highly reviewed so a lot of people out there like them. Let me know what products are in your easy, everyday arsenal and click below to shop mine!