Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Guys, this month was a difficult month for me for a couple reasons. Penelope was getting a molar in and I had no idea whatsoever. She wasn't sleeping very much and super cranky, and in having no idea I thought my kid just turned crazy overnight. I was sure it was the terrible twos starting early. I'm seven months into my pregnancy and it's just harder to be mobile for me then it was with my first. But with all that being said this month was amazing as well.

I know I keep saying she's like a full blown kid, but this month it really showed. Penelope is so creative and making up games on the daily. To see her use her imagination and "cook" oatmeal or cookies with random objects, or invent emotions for her baby and try to fix them is super cool to me. She's in her "what is that" stage...all...day...long. Her curiosity overall seems to be at an all time high, so my husband and I have to be really careful about leaving things around the house.

I love that she's such a great helper too. She's loving when we are around babies right now and is genuinely affected when she sees the babies crying. She'll stop playing and look at the baby and then look at me like "what should I do?". She'll bring over bottles and pacifiers and when a baby drops something she'll always run over, pick it up and then try to hand it back. When I'm cleaning, she'll go grab cleaning stuff and clean with me or if we are putting on our shoes she'll grab my shoes and put them in front of me. She is so kind and thoughtful and I love it!

She's also become a lot more verbal to people. Since we live in apartments we always see our maintenance workers on the way out. She lights up when she sees anyone and says "Good morning!" and is forever asking me if she can go say hi to other people we haven't seen before. She has friends we see regularly that she asks about and lots of times brings me our phone and asks if we can call someone she knows. One of my absolute favorite new things she's saying is if she really appreciates something I've done for her is, "Thank you so much Mommy". Melt.

NEW PHRASES: Thank you so much, Oops I'm sorry, No like that please, Mooommmmyyyyyy, What is that?
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing with baby, playing ball
FAVORITE GAME: Dancing, playing catch, "cooking", up high down low
CHORES: Load the laundry, set the dinner table, throw away her diapers, put laundry away, clean up before nap time and bedtime
FIRST TIMES: Used the potty, getting a molar in on the bottom right, gesturing to hold her friends hand together on a playdate
SIGNATURE MOVES: Getting REALLY frustrated at something then being fine 10 seconds later, asking to hold my hand, stomping her foot when she dances

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