Friday, October 3, 2014

Every Mom says over and over..."I just can't believe how fast this year has gone!" I am no different people, no different. 

This past month she's really started to show signs of new emerging personality traits. I've noticed instead of running off to go play at a daycare, now she'll cling on to me for a bit and she likes me to drop her off in the midst of all the children.

She's babbling. Full on grabbing a book and sitting content for 15 minutes pointing at pictures and "reading" her bookie. She has her three favorite books that we read to her every night before bed. She has just recently started learning again how to fall asleep on her own in her crib.

She loooves to play hide and seek. Disappear behind something and pop up with a massive smile on her face. In the morning when she wakes up I throw her on my bed and we chat and play for awhile before breakfast. Then we eat our scrambled eggs with feta and fruit together. Who am I kidding, she is obsessed with eggs and will take that over pretty much anything now. 

She has started waving hello and bye bye and giving kisses freely. Just like momma, when she gives a kiss she makes the loud mmmmm...MAH noise. The cutest. She throws away her own diapers and as it turns out is trained so well she throws away other kids diapers. *Head smack* 

She knows what turn the page of her books is and she is a dancing queen. Like no kidding. Turn on the music and instantly she's bobbing her head in her highchair. And if she's free of her highchair. She's doing something that looks like a painfully low squat and jumping back up...then falling over.

Her laughter is unreal. It's angelic and it's often. Such a blessing to hear it as much as I do. She got these adorable little nugget teeth. A whopping eight right now and she feels very responsible when I say "brush your teeth". Her look immediately turns serious and she brushes. 

Penelope has been dubbed as the bottle bandit. She believes that all baby bottles are communal and should be shared upon request. If the unfortunate baby does not want to share their bottle, she is confused and then frustrated. Hence carrying around a ridiculous back breaking amount of bottles in the diaper bag is necessary.

She's not into toys. She likes cabinets. And people and books pulling things out of drawers. When you put her on grass she immediately jets off into nowhere land. Did I mention she is jumping? Like feet leave the floor jumping. 

11 months is just one away from 12 and though it's bittersweet, I am so thankful I payed mind to all the advice I got to cherish it. I have so many beautiful memories and pictures with her. And I'm looking forward to seeing this little human she develops into.


  1. Hi, just checking out your blog. Penelope is so adorable! I totally cracked up at the fact that she likes cabinets and not toys! love her personality.

    1. Lol I know right, thanks for visiting :)