Sunday, November 23, 2014

Health for our family is really important to me and first and foremost is the food I'm putting on our table. Being a first time mom and developing a menu with a wide range of options for Penelope was a little daunting at first but it's become fun. Since she's just turned one, I feel like I have full freedom now for all food groups like shellfish and less formula.

I'm a firm believer in if you want a non-picky eater, give your child different flavors from early on and also don't give her the option to eat something else. What she has on her plate is what she will eat. With this method, sometimes she does curl up her nose and roll her food around on the plate but she always ends up eating it which is my goal.

The biggest problem I faced when Penelope wanted to pretty much only feed herself was finding healthy finger foods that were varied. After a couple of months I've got some of her favorites that are really simple to make, most of which can be made ahead and microwaved the next day for an easy lunch. Below I've listed some of Penelope's favorites separately so you can mix and match together.

Spinach ravioli, roast chicken and chickpea salad. DINNER!

Breakfast Ideas:
- Scrambled eggs w/ chopped veggies and chia seeds
- Whole wheat organic toast w/ almond butter and honey
- Oatmeal with fruit, brown sugar and cinnamon (not a finger food!)
- Any fruit - Cantaloupe, blueberries, bananas, blackberries, watermelon, honeydew, strawberries etc.
- Cheerios, bananas and almond milk in a sippy cup

Lunch Ideas:
- Baked chicken
- Avocado
- Bananas
- Grilled fish
- Stir fry - I love tofu, kale, mushrooms, bell pepper, swiss chard, spinach...anything quick
- Steamed veggies - Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots 
- Leftovers from last night!
- Sliced cucumbers
- Baked sweet potato fries

- Stuffed baked bell peppers
- Pasta - (Get rotinis, easier to handle for baby)
- Roasted butternut squash
- Chickpea salad w/ feta, tomatoes, celery, corn
- Ravioli
- Shellfish - Shrimp, clams, crab
- Roast - Pork or chicken
- Steamed veggies - Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top
- Stir fried eggplant
- Brown rice
- Quinoa (this is not really a finger food)
- Healthy lasagna (tofu lasagna is really good)
- Pesto pasta - Make your own pesto and add some walnuts or pine nuts
- Stir fried zucchini
- Fish - Salmon, tilapia seasoned with some lemon pepper 
- Curry - Thai yellow curry is mild or Indian curry recipes
- Black bean salad
- Stuffed mushrooms
- Lentil salad
- Veggie fried rice

- Raisins and walnuts
- Cut up organic apples
- Cut up organic pears
- Blueberries
- Steamed carrot sticks
- Slice of whole wheat organic toast
- Cheerios
- Dried fruit organic - Penelope loves apricots
- Hard boiled egg
- Brown rice rice cakes w/ almond butter
- Slice of cheese
- Banana
- Seedless grapes (cut in half)

Great on the go (minimal mess) snacks:
- Organic apple or pear wedges
- Steamed carrot sticks (you want the sticks to be steamed through but still firm)
- Brown rice cakes (I like Happy Munchies from Target)
- Rice crackers (Hot Kid Baby Mum Mum from Target)
- Cheerios (In a snack catcher)
- Any dried fruit

As far as milk goes, we decided to opt out of dairy and are giving her almond milk for breakfast and dinner. Totaling around two cups. Also, we haven't stopped her on formula because we still want her to get the nutrients from that. We've reduced her intake to two bottles a day and less scoops per bottle.
So far she's loving all of the food and eats like a champ. Do you have any other great finger foods I can try? Let me know!

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  1. she definitely looks like she is loving it indeed!

    anything like crusted butternut squash or yams... oh yam wedges in dipping aioli sauce is fabulous!