Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We've been back from our vacay to Michigan for almost a week now, but I'm already missing the lake house and my family. I wasn't even nervous at all about all of the traveling and airplanes since we've traveled with Penelope three times now. She's pretty aware by now of flying and that she can't run around and she did great! (I'll post soon about my travel tips for flying with toddlers) Such a fun vacay and a nice break for both of us. 

My Grandma has owned a house right on the Lake Michigan beach since I was little. We would wake up to her drinking coffee and join her for an hour to help with her puzzle. Then we'd head down to the beach and run the dunes. It was pretty surreal to bring my own little family there for the first time. I call it my "happy place". There's no service and so it's nice to get there, disconnect and just enjoy yourselves. 

We also got to stay with my sister and her family for a few days and visit with my Dad and other relatives. My sister threw a party for us and everyone ended up in the backyard playing cards and sinkhole and a bunch of other random games. One of the highlights for sure was getting a date night with the hubby. It's been months, so it was much needed to get some alone time together. So happy we got to end the trip on that note!

Until next time!!

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