Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hospital Baby Bag

Well now that I'm counting down to almost three weeks before I'm due, I'm getting the hospital bag ready. We had Penelope at Kaiser and are having the new baby at Kaiser and I gotta say they were AMAZING at supplying tons of stuff for me and Penelope when she was born. Food constantly coming in, snacks all day long. They sent us home with packs of diapers and extra pads and tucks... I mean they were awesome!

Now that I know that, this bag will be a little different then the one I packed for Penelope. First and foremost, birthing recovery is not pretty my friends. So bring tons of pairs of comfortable, dark underwear. Because you bleed tons after and the pads they give you are like the size of China. Comfort is key here. They will supply you with gowns and I suggest you stick to those, but if you'd like something of your own a robe is great and easy boob access for breast feeding. I brought slippers and never used them, but this time around I'm bringing big comfy socks because they do keep the hospital pretty cold.

Make sure you bring a camera and a charger and memory card for the camera. Also your cell phone and a charger for your cell phone. Those first moments with your little are priceless and I promise you will want pictures. 

For sanitary purposes you'll want to bring the usual. Deodorant, face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. I will be bringing a very simplified version of my makeup bag including a BB cream I can just swipe on real quick. Dry shampoo and some chapstick (bring multiples!) at the very basic level and tons of hair ties.

For feeling good sake, I would highly suggest treating yourself beforehand and getting your toes done in Shellac. You and tons of other people will be staring at your feet and it's always nice to have a shiny polished foot to look at. I say Shellac because it is really hard to anticipate exactly when baby will come and this method of polish lasts longer so your not stuck looking at chipped toenails for 18 hours. Bonus for it lasting the first couple weeks of your baby being here.

Lastly, for when you are leaving the hospital pack some leggings and an oversized top. I'm packing these Athleta pregnancy leggings because I still had quite a belly when we left and I want to be comfy. Oh and bring some sunglasses, because you will look like you went on a weeklong bender with no sleep lol. For baby, something easy and soft that won't irritate their belly button stump. If you can find something that zips, it will be so much easier for you. Bring your own swaddle blankets, the brand above is my fav, to snuggle your new little love up and bring them home! 

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