Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I'm telling you, when your a mom a quick routine is a necessity. To me, looking pulled together is a necessity. By no means am I walking around in high heels and full on hair and makeup, but I do think my appearance is important and I like to look presentable. I do this about 4-5 days out of the week, the other days I like to just go makeup free and let my skin breathe. With that being said I've developed a really quick and really effective makeup routine that takes 10 minutes, probably less. Which is about all this new momma of two gets unless I decide to do it when I wake up early.

I think skincare is the most important step. When my skin looks like crap, my makeup looks like crap. I always do these steps before I put on my makeup and it just makes everything glide on and perform so much better. First I exfoliate and wash my face, I used to use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (which I LOVE) but I ran out so I'm trying this Neutrogena for a cheaper fix. The Vitamin C Serum I put on night and day, and I have noticed my face being brighter overall. Next my favorite eye cream and then this sunblock. After my husband saw an esthetician, she let him in on an industry secret. Your sunblock just ain't working for you if it doesn't have zinc oxide. The ingredient works with age spots and this stuff is a little thick but when I ran out I noticed a huge difference in my face. I use this in the place of moisturizer since it's so thick.

While my sunblock is still wet, I'll just do one pump of the Loreal Lumi. I love that little extra glow it gives me and having freshly moisturized skin really makes the stuff glide on like butta. Next, I go in with this awesome Garnier Skin Renew Eye Roller and not only does it feel great, but it works great as lightweight coverage. I'll lightly bronze my entire face and then add as much blush as I can without looking clown like. I finish off with one quick coat of this amazing mascara I've been using for ions, and then this NARS Satin Lip Pencil. I got a sample of this stuff and am in LALALOOVE. My lips are always dry and I have a hard time finding colored lip product that doesn't look strange on my lips. This pencil glides on so smooth, I love this color too since it looks totally natural.

And that's it. Seriously so easy, I don't even use anything to put on the foundation just my fingers for everyday. The skincare products work great for me, but might not necessarily work the same for you since we all have different skin types. I will say though, everything comes highly reviewed so a lot of people out there like them. Let me know what products are in your easy, everyday arsenal and click below to shop mine!

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