Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jeez I can't believe Philomena is already one month old. How quickly time flies kind of creeps me out. It doesn't matter how much I already know to be conscious of that, I still wonder where it went. This first month has been much easier then I imagined, but is definitely still difficult. With the lack of sleep that all new parents deal with (I understand we aren't the only ones!) it's been hard some times to muster up much needed patience. But luckily, patience is not needed as much as I anticipated since Penelope has been amazing with the transition and I already knew what to expect with a new baby.

Penelope has transitioned so well to all of this new stuff that it's really made me proud. From the day we brought her sister home, all she's wanted to do is play with her and help us out. She will run and bring diapers, or grab us a bottle. She isn't screaming for attention when we are tending to Philomena.  But whats really melted my heart is how quickly she fell in love with her little sister. She asks where she is when she wakes up in the morning, whispers "I love you sister" when she's playing with her, and is already protective of her. Such a kind soul.

Right now she's going through a stage where she is very sensitive and using her naps as a way to show us she's angry. Meaning, she refuses to take one no matter how tired she is. I've learned that you really can't make a kid nap and so just lay her down and hope for the best. Besides that she's really into her baby right now and mimicking everything I'm doing with Philomena. Her vocabulary is still insane, she's learning so many new words so quickly. Every day it's "What's that Mommy?" and when I tell her, she always repeats it after me and actually remembers later. It's really cool to see her soak everything up.

FAVORITE FOODS: Ice-cream, bell pepper
FAVORITE SONG: Anything Taylor Swift
NEW PHRASES: Can I want some? 
FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Playing with baby or dancing with lammy, playing music in our bedroom and dancing on the bed
FAVORITE GAME: Hide and seek, catch, dancing
CHORES: Load the laundry, set the dinner table, throw away her diapers, put laundry away, clean up before nap time and bedtime
FIRST TIMES: Put on her own pants, drawing her first pictures, put on her own sneakers
FAVORITE BOOK: Princess Collection book
SIGNATURE MOVES: Singing "Go Mommy, go Lammy when we're dancing", asking for every single morsel of food that exists in our household

Philomena has been so different then Penelope was when she was a baby. She is definitely into being snuggled 24/7 and doesn't like to be put down. Also she has been really gassy, which makes me feel horrible because I have to watch her in pain. But just within the past week I've already noticed a few things. She is freakishly strong and actually prefers standing on her own to any other position. She loooooves talking...seriously she just blabs and blabs and blabs until she's ready to eat. And she's already in love with Penelope. Like she could be about to have a fit and if Penelope comes near, she stops and is suddenly entranced. It's adorable. The girl loves her bath times and belly rubs...such different kids already and it's so interesting to watch. I can't wait to see more.

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