Thursday, February 18, 2016

Postpartum Must Haves

Everyone's must have list is obviously subjective, and mine is more tailored to making myself feel good. Last pregnancy I got so lost in being a mom that I completely forgot about myself. So this time around I'm buying things that make life easier, and make me feel great.

1. Target Tees - My favorite thus far. Long, soft and cheap...I bought a few colors.

2. Old Navy High Waisted Leggings - Technically workout pants. I actually prefer Lululemon, but since I don't plan to be this size for long, Old Navy is much cheaper. I love them too!

3. Celine Sunglasses - Splurge on a pair of sunglasses. Since you won't sleep, to look pulled together throw on designer sunglasses, a clean t-shirt and nice sneakers.

4. Fake and Bake - My secret to looking much better than I feel.

5. Pumping Bra - LIFECHANGING. Seriously makes pumping much more enjoyable. Ok not enjoyable ever, but I'm able to stand it now and not want to blow my brains out.

6. Target Nursing Bras - Simple and cheap, these are super soft and easy to snap on and off when breastfeeding.

7. Anastasia Brow Wiz - The best brow stuff out there in my opinion. The pencil makes filling them in so quick. Having my brows done and some lipgloss is night and day difference.

8. Robes - When I plan to be home for awhile in the morning I'll walk around in a nice robe. I don't feel like a slob, and I'm breastfeeding so easy access is always a plus!

9. Jordan Eclipse - I'm working on getting a few sneakers I love and I just bought another color in these. Seriously so comfy! Even wearing a simple outfit is so much more pulled together with nice kicks.

10. Paper Plates - I caught on to this late, but now I remind myself to use our paper plates for most meals. We have to wash enough stuff as it is like bottles so these help out so much!

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