Sunday, February 7, 2016

Six weeks into life with two kiddos and it is going pretty well. Philomena is gorgeous and looks like a chumpy little baby now. Penelope has gotten used to hearing the crying in the middle of the night and sleeps through it. Neither my husband or I are getting much sleep, but I already expected that and to be honest, I was much more tired the first time around with Penelope.

Recovery: It's been frustrating, I've dealt with a few issues here and there during my recovery. But I'm so much closer to feeling 100% and cannot wait to start working out.

Philomena: I'll be honest, this girl is SUPER gassy. So gassy I've looked up colic on multiple occasions just to make sure she doesn't have it. So it's very difficult because she will only sleep if she's held and she has a hard time even eating. It can get really frustrating at times but I say things are going well because they are. She's healthy, beautiful and regardless of all this gas she doesn't cry much...so she's a trooper. 

Nights: My husband wakes up for her feeds which still are all over the place. The only for sure time is she will always be up around 1am and after that it's a toss up. I wake up to pump. A lot of times we happen to wake up at the same times but since we are so zombie we don't even talk lol.

Weight: I've lost ten pounds since we got home which I'm super happy about. I've been pretty much a couch zombie this whole time, so I had to be really tight about my diet. A typical day is oatmeal for breakfast, protein/veggies/rice for lunch, protein and veggies for dinner and two snacks in between. A  typical snack will be greek yogurt or some fruit.

Wearing: Old Navy high waisted workout pants, Target v-neck tees, Jordans.

Loving: Iced water, the invention of high waisted yoga pants, and I can finally do short walks now.

Hating: My pumping schedule.

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