Monday, July 21, 2014

So the other day I posted a Facebook post that said something along the lines of "Help, my baby is an alien and driving me completely insane because she won't sleep" <--- Ok, not exactly those words but similar meaning. After getting all sorts off great advice from my friends and family, ranging from all ends of the spectrum I finally decided that the best advice I got was to let Penelope let ME know when she was ready to sleep. Within reason.

She's always been on a sleep schedule. Not because I made her, but more that I watched her patterns and wrote them down. When I found a common thread it was easier for me to know when she was tired by simply remembering the times. The problem with that is apparently babies evolve. Because apparently they are little human beings that don't stay in one space until the end of time.

For some odd reason I had a REALLY hard time figuring that out. Like spending 4+ hours a day trying to get this girl to nap, type of hard time. Like ready to throw myself off the balcony, frazzled hair, non eating, blocking myself off from her in another room...type of hard time.

And now looking if it wasn't only just three days ago I figured this out. I can't help but laugh at myself because I really thought I was smarter then my daughters own sleep timer. You WILL go to sleep God help me! You WILL take your three naps a day like Babycenter says you need! Perhaps my first lesson in learning that my daughter really does know better then me (or Babycenter) what she needs and when she needs it.  I am not the messiah of intelligence of how her life should run.

When I figured this out, then everything turned into a cakewalk. I'm getting work done again, I can blog now, I have a clean outfit on and my makeup done... SHOCKER. Oh and Penelope? She's sleeping great.

The biggest lesson of the past few weeks?? Relax. Breathe. Pay attention to your kid. Go with their flow.

Chef le Peanut Burglar

The Burglar Who Eats Her Bubbles

Burglar Thinks Pools Might Be Alright

Burglar And Daddy LOVE Tarjay

Burglar's First Pony

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