Friday, August 1, 2014

So I frequently get the question "How do you guys do it?". By this people mean how do we live in the Bay Area off of one income with a three person household. And in all honesty I get both ends of that questions. On one end we live in a society where car payments are considered a normal bill like PG&E (which I think is false) and where we pay $1 a minute in the Bay to breathe the air. On the other end of the spectrum, I also believe that it's a lot easier then people may think.

But there are so many different components to answer the "how do you do it" question. So today I wanted to touch on one that scares many new upcoming families. Or to just help out the families who feel like they're spending up the ass for their babies.

This advice is NOT for older children. I know nothing about saving for them yet since we haven't reached that bridge. But here's some great tips that I use to save crazy amounts of $$ for Penelope who is drinking excessive amounts of formula and using I'm sure what is the regular amount of diapers. 

Target Target Target. I've searched for the cheapest pack of economy sized diapers and it's at Target. Secondly, if you watch the ads you will consistently get a $20 gift card for buying two boxes. Third, Pampers ALWAYS has coupons for BabyDry. Fourth, if you are a Target RedCard member (which is free and not a credit card) you get 5% off your entire purchase. Always buy two boxes, it saves you money here in the long run. And lastly, because you are a frequent shopper of baby items you get coupons for those items in the mail. So let me give you a standard diaper shopping trip equation for me:
Pampers Baby Dry Economy Size $34.99 x 2 = $70
Target Buy2 Economy boxes get $20 gift card
Target Coupon $2 off two boxes diapers
Pampers Coupon $1.50 off box Baby Dry Diapers (Print 2)
Target Coupon Book $10 gift card with baby purchase of $50 or more
Use Target RedCard get 5% off total
GRAND TOTAL = $33.00 for two boxes saved $37

Also, please don't waste your money on Swaddlers. If your a new parent and you still don't know for the first month or so then fine. But after at most two months, you should be able to know without looking at the line that your baby needs to be changed. 

Again Target. First, buying name brands of baby formula is a waste of money for us. For example Similac for 22.2 oz is $22. Target brand formula for 40 oz is $22.49. So virtually double amount of formula for the same price. I read all of the reviews on the Soy Formula before Penelope was born and decided to try the Target brand. Same ingredients, no sensitivities and Penelope loves it. Also have a couple friends who used it and loved it. That gift card I just got for buying diapers I now use to buy formula. Simply buy your formula in a separate transaction to use your gift card. Meaning, separate your purchase on the register belt with that fancy bar thing and wala!
Target Soy Formula $17.99 x 4 = $72
Use $20 gift card 
Use $10 gift card
Use Target RedCard get 5% off total
Use Target Cartwheel App save 5% off Target brand formula
Use Target coupon online $1 off 2 Target formulas (print 2)
GRAND TOTAL = $35.80 saved $36.20

Every moms favorite category :) Toys I believe are over rated and personally I think we go way overboard. So we have some, but not many and realistically I don't believe a child needs too much to be amused. Just your time and their own imagination. Also, going places with them is virtually free. And if you get a library card you get to visit places like Exploratorium for free. Just ask them about their museum program. For clothing here's a list of great stores that you need to sign up for immediately, to receive emails about discounts. And pleassse don't be a secondhand snob, because you can simply wash used clothes and you have options for your precious little baby:

Old Navy
Crazy 8

Lastly. If you do a lot of online shopping like me, sign up for Ebates. You get cash back on shopping virtually anywhere online. For free...a fancy check in the mail.

Sorry so long but hope it helps some of you mothers out there trying to save $$$ for funner things like vacations or date nights!

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