Tuesday, August 26, 2014

With vacation just being over and getting back into the grind of normal day to day activities I skipped updating the one week results and instead mashed up two weeks. I'd like to say I was really good on vacation which was my intention. But that would be a lie.

There were many nights of food being made for us for dinner and it was insanely tasty and virtually impossible for me to eat just a small portion. I also drank like a sailor. When in Rome?

With that being said I do want to give myself a pat on the back for at least being conscious and making good choices sometimes instead of going balls out 24/7. Going and buying salad for myself instead of eating with everyone else. Skipping out on ice cream for our ice cream stop. Walking Penelope in the morning when I was able to.

I'm back to eating my signature salad most nights (recipe coming Thursday) and not eating anything after dinner. This really does help SO much. I weighed myself before going to Michigan and I had already lost two pounds just three days into my challenge. After dinner, if I get hungry I drink insane amounts of 100% green tea. And you do feel like your starving the first night of doing this by the way. But let's be real. That's not starving, that's just your body missing nights of mindless munching in front of the tube.

Next week I'll include my meals again.

Losing 1 lb including a vacation week, it could be better but it could of been a lot worse so I'll take it!:


  1. Vacations can be so hard to maintain a healthy eating routine! But I'm glad to see you're back on it! I'll def follow you on your progress!

    1. Thanks man, I am slowly getting back to reducing meat your IG posts totally inspire me!