Tuesday, September 9, 2014

This week has been exciting! Towards the end I felt better about doing exercises so I joined a gym and have been able to use it the last few days of the week. My sister asked me why pay for one when we have a small gym in our apartment. For me it's about leaving, going to a space where tons of people have the same goal and being surrounded by that.

I've been really successful in the past with losing over 20 lbs so I wanted to share my consistent work out plan then, that I have started doing again now, with you.

Cardio - HIIT 10 min
Abs - Situps on ball, oblique crunches, leg lifts, plank (3 sets of all)
Arms - 5 lb weight lifting (3 sets of all)
Legs - Squats, lunges (2 sets of all)
Cardio - HIIT 10 min

And rather than write out a detailed diary of every item I ate, I'm going to include a sample day to keep it shorter.

Bfast: Eggs w/ broccoli and feta, 3 strips turkey bacon, whole grain toast with pb/j and mango
Lunch: 1/2 turkey sandwich dry on whole wheat with honeydew
Snack: Other 1/2 turkey sandwich with corn on the cob
Dinner: Roast chicken, asian veggies and roasted carrots and broccoli, cup of 100% green tea
Workout: 15 minutes treadmill 11 incline 4.0 speed and 3 sets of various strength training like above

My meals have been consistently heavy on the meat. The last two days, I have started to transition to pescetarian again and cutting out most gluten. This is what works best for my body. I know this because it's tried and true. Personally though, I do feel that as a culture we eat an insane amount of meat and it's bad for you. Watch "Fork Over Knives" or "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" for more information on that.

And let me tell you. I made the pescetarian low gluten switch two days ago...HUGE difference. Like my weight kept jumping up and down all week. When I made the switch, consistently went down...even after I ate ice cream. So I'm proud of myself for slowly but consistently losing weight.

Tip of the Week:
Go pescetarian for one week, see how you feel.

 1 lb down from last week! 

My breakfasts earlier in the week. 

My famous roasted chicken over veggies. Oh how I'll miss you!

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