Saturday, February 7, 2015

I just wanted to start off and say in no way am I a doctor or professional in the medical industry. I am simply a mom who has spent days scouring the internet for a solution to many issues that we as a family feel comfortable carrying out. I tend to air on the side of a natural mom, old school, granola whatever you want to call me. What that means in the case of cold and flu is that I think it's best to not medicate my daughter and let her ride the thing out.

I remember Penelope's first fever. She had a crazy runny nose and was coughing and seemed to radiate heat from her little body. She was about 10 months I believe. After checking her temperature (102 degrees) my initial reaction was to bring her to the doctors and have them prescribe something to make it all better. But I decided since she was still acting like her normal crazy self and not showing any obvious alarming signs of being really sick I would do some research first.

What I found over and over again on various websites from real bonafide medical professionals even, was that we need to stop getting crazy on the number that's on that thermometer. On the contrary, the American Association of Pediatrics actually has data proving that fever is a healthy reaction and that it has beneficial effects on certain components of the immune system. So to give your child something to reduce the fever such as Ibuprofen doesn't actually aid in recovery as many people think. It's simply meant to make your child feel better, which according to the AAP isn't even a sure fact anymore. By giving them something though you are actually causing the fever to last longer and not allowing their bodies natural fighter cells do their thing. Which if left alone and allowed to do their thing, will mean stronger cells and kids who get sick less frequently. 

Simply put treat the symptoms and not the fever. And if a high fever is accompanied by vomiting, dehydration, or an inconsolable child then definitely call your doctor. Below I've listed what I've done for both fevers now and they work like a charm. Let me know what other things you've done that work great. I'd love to add them to my arsenal!

1. Invest in a humidifier. It's such a big help on helping the little breathe easier and sleep longer. Better sleep has always meant a well rested baby and momma.
2. Let babe sleep in something lightweight. I know I was always told when I'm sick to bundle up so I sweat it out. This actually isn't the case for babies. We would keep the house at 72 degrees and let her sleep in a long sleeve shirt and diapers.
3. Elevate their mattress. Stick towels or really anything to elevate the mattress enough so when they are asleep they are reclined a bit. A tiny bit, not so much that they will sludge over in their sleep.
4. Do a lot of momma cuddling. This I never verified on the internet to be a fact, but an old wive's tale that works great for me. They say that that bond that momma and baby have actually makes baby physically feel better.
5. Fluids and eating are really important. I couldn't get Penelope to drink chicken soup broth and she wasn't eating much the first couple days. I started making her green shakes with all the nutrients blended all up in that goodness. Throw in some apple juice in that baby and I promise your babe will be into it.
6. Eucalyptus Oil. I would let her sniff it from my finger before bedtime and then rub some on her chest before putting on her jammies. 
7. Get some fresh air. Luckily we live in California where winter is 76 degree weather so I would just open the door to our patio and sit outside with her for awhile. Even if your opening your windows for 15 minutes and bundling your baby up to toddle around, fresh are is so good for us.

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