Monday, February 16, 2015

Currently, I'm working on getting our living room to be a space that we love and with the new addition of this gorgeous fiddle leaf plant I'm getting there. I wish I kept before pictures to show the progress of this room but of course I deleted them.

I'm head over heels for these watercolor prints from The Aestate. I had known for at least six months that I wanted them and waited for the right time in our budget to purchase. Actually virtually everything in our home works that way. I search, I find perfection, then I wait for when we can fit it into our budget. 

Completely obsessed with a California vibe decor. Missed the mark with these chairs which I'm regretting purchasing now but my aesthetic has evolved so much since we moved in. So I'm working with what we've got to make it a room full of prints and adding in some wood pieces.

I'm close to finished with the living room but until then here are some pictures of the current situation. Yes our houseplant is on a serving platter. Please bear with me in our progress!


  1. Love those chairs and how much light your living room gets!

  2. Thanks Heather! Yeah that's totally what made me fall for our place!