Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gosh the weather out in Cali is unreal right now. I feel like kind of an asshole saying how great it is but seriously it's like 78 degrees super sunny and it's February. This my friends is why I love California. 

But besides that I'm working on finishing up our tiny little living room so that we can move on to the dining area. I've really been drawn to open, airy, bright spaces with lots of wood elements and a natural vibe to it. I absolutely love anything green, it's my favorite color and my husband jokes that I would rather live in the forest with flowers in my hair all the time. So you will see that all of these pictures really represent all of these things and more of a worn in look as well.

Recently I've been drawn to really simple black iron structures. I love them as coffee tables and doorways. It adds something kind of industrial to the room so I'm looking for that element in our space as well. As you'll see all of these are pictures of various areas in homes but they all feature the components of the look I'm going for. Love it!

Check out my current inspiration for our living room:

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