Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bum bum bummmmm...the verdict is in folks and I will say that I absolutely love having no cellphone. There was definitely some things that weren't as convenient. But I can honestly list the times on a few fingers where I thought "SHIT, I could really use my cell phone right now!"

Overall people's reactions were a lot more understanding as time went on. I did actually have someone ask me if I was Amish though. Sure dude, whatever you say. It's really been such a cool experiment and here's some of the fun things I got out of it.

1. I have more meaningful conversations. Since I can't text every single unimportant thing I'm doing to people, (I.E. so right now I'm eating an apple) it means that I actually have something to talk about when I do talk to someone. My husband and I barely talk during the day now, which we actually both prefer. We make one call usually to check up and the rest of the conversation happens after he gets home. It's great!
2. I have been more productive. Using what would have been that "cell time", I've been making lists of ideas for blog posts, businesses. Also since I have more extra time, I decided to sign up for two business classes this semester before the next baby gets here.
3. I'm more present. I can still access Pinterest and IG when I'm home, however many days I turn my phone completely off so I can just be present with day. With my daughter and my husband or even myself. I have way more patience this way...MUCH more!
4. Made me more social. Rather then texting, I've actually had to pick up the phone and call to confirm we can come to a birthday party. Or call someone if I have a question. Which at first honestly was annoying but then I found I really enjoyed catching up and seeing how friends were doing.
5. I don't feel so...busy. Maybe it's self-inflicted because any moment of boredom I felt the need to scroll through my phone. But when I don't, and I just chill, it feels really good to do nothing. Even weirder? I'm actually sleeping so much better.

But there has been one con to this no cell deal and it made me a little scared when I thought about it. I think they are great for emergencies and I actually envisioned on the freeway the other day us breaking down. Then what would I do? Wave down a car? So I will be prepaying for 30 minutes so in the event of an emergency me and my family will be able to make those phone calls.

The positives FAR outweigh the negatives for me. I'm really happy I listened to the little inner voice finally and just decided to try something against the grain. I really have found that for us it's created a better quality of life. Would you ever try going without one?

Until next time!


  1. AMAZING GIRLY! I wish I could do this. Well, I know I can, but I don't think I can survive... that's just sad on my part. But this is a great test to try! We never think about how much we spend on our phones, and how much of a gateway it is to our surroundings. When in reality... we don't need it to communicate, reach out to people, or live life. We need to be more engaging when it comes to those things. Thanks for this!
    - T

  2. Thanks Tina! Totally agree with you, to even just be aware of that time you could be using to do something else is a step I think in the right direction.

  3. Man oh man I've been wanting to send you texts here and there lol it's hard not to communicate. Can we email? LOL I'm on that thing 24/7 :) or even snail mail? lol

    1. Lol...ummm call me. Or email works I miss my busy bee!