Friday, May 30, 2014

I heard one of the best things I could ever hear this week. I inspired someone.(Thanks Tina!) That just makes me all warm and mushy inside. I love hearing about how she is starting meatless and would love to hear more about anybody else's journeys as well. Like I said before, doing this together is so much funner then doing it alone!

Alright so I'm going to be honest. I'm writing this the day before my weigh in tomorrow and I'm NERVOUS. I've had a rough week and an even rougher time staying on track with consistent meals and snacks. Then Memorial Day I wanted to have a cheat day so we did full out fried chicken, mac and cheese and potato salad..and beer!

Here's the thing though. I don't believe losing weight is about depriving yourself so I really don't feel guilty at all for my cheat day. And if this week I stayed the same...I know it's not because of one day. It's about the week as a whole.

As for my meals, you'll have to forgive my skip of the weekend. I wrote in what I remember but that's it. My husband was out of town, my daughter suddenly didn't know what napping meant, I had my nieces over for a sleepover night and Sunday was my friends graduation party. So it was hectic and the last thing on my mind was writing down what I ate.

I guess this week will be a good testimony to how diet and not putting it as a priority can quickly mess up your progress. Honestly I think it's all a positive because I now get to see exactly where all my weak points are and make sure it doesn't happen the next time. So next week will be better :)

22nd: Bfast: Leftover prime rib, mashed potatoes and broccoli
           Snack: Celery, carrot and hummus w/ watermelon and almond plate
           Lunch: Tuna salad wrap w/ celery, tomatoes, onions and a pickle on the side
           Snack: Frozen burrito, string cheese
           Dinner: Brown rice sushi rolls
           Activity: BAR Method (1 hr)
23rd: Bfast: Vegan chorizo and egg whites, 1/2 pear, gluten free toast with pb&j
          Snack: Veggie Shake
          Lunch: Salmon, black beans, brown rice, roasted veggies
          Snack: Fiber One bar, a couple spoons of Ornan's Yogurtland
          Dinner: Quinoa plate w/ raw veggies, salmon and hummus
          Snack: Popcorn, green tea, a few dark chocolate chips
24th: Bfast: 1 egg/2 egg whites, 1/2 apple, gluten free toast w/ pb&honey
             Dinner: Macaroni and cheese
25th: Activity: BAR Method (1 hr)
              Lunch: Ribs, potatoe salad, chicken and carrot cake
26th: Bfast: 2 eggs w/ feta, gluten free toast w/ pb&honey
         Lunch: Chicken sandwich from Carl's Jr.
         Dinner: Fried chicken, mac and cheese, potato salad and beer
27th: Bfast: Gluten free toast w/ peanut butter& honey, watermelon
              Snack: Protein shake
              Lunch: Veggie chili
              Activity: 15 minute sprint intervals on treadmill, 25 pushups and 1 minute of dips
              Dinner: Veggie chili and salmon & green tea
28th: Bfast: Greek yogurt parfait w/ almonds, raisins and cinnamon & 1 egg/2 egg whites w/ feta
             Snack: Hot water w/ lemon and honey and gluten free toast w/ pb&honey
             Lunch: Salmon w/ chili

 Meal prep - I like to make a lot of stuff at once so I don't have to cook every night
 Usual breakfast - Eggs, fruit & gluten free toast
Snack - 1/2 yam, watermelon and almonds

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  1. I love how you inspire me! Thanks so much! I'm currently trying to think of ways to revamp my blog to incoporate my fitness goal as well as makeup! Heart you girly!!