Friday, May 16, 2014

Today I finally got around to shooting the peanut burglar. She is six and a half months now, and let me tell you how fast time has gone by. Right now she is so happy and playful and curious. She plays with other babies and she's babbling dada and baba. She's teething again, so she likes to be snuggled more then usual. With all this cuteness happening, that's not a problem to Mama.

She's loving her solids and only a couple days ago started eating "real" solids. By that I mean I just hand her a chunk of something and she attempts to eat. (Thank Kelly). I had no idea she was ready until I heard from another mom...but Penelope absolutely loves it. I think she likes the independence of it all. This little cutie demanded food right after and conked out, so I get a chance to post.

Is it strange that I'm already thinking about what I'm going to do for her first birthday? I'm starting to call around and look into district transfers for school too. It's our goal to get her in a great school so even if we don't live in that area, she can go. Can never start TOO early right? Lol.

I'm working on my photography skills indoor. After over a year of shooting outdoor, indoor is a whole different ballgame. Lighting is so important so still trying to play around with it. But she gave me a good ten minutes of fierce cuteness and I got tons of amazing pics. Can't wait to blow these up and hang them in our home!